Consumer & Staff Food Safety Precautions

Dear Valued Customers,

Nothing is more important to us than your safety.  At Garden of Eating Catering & Events we’re taking every precaution possible to ensure everyone continues to dine safely. We want to be as proactive as possible. Our primary concern is and will always be the safety of your team, colleagues and ours. 

We uphold the highest standards for hygiene and sanitation. Although studies show that the coronavirus does not survive in food, there are always rigorous practices in place at our kitchens to prevent the potential spread of all germs.  We are monitoring the situation and following the guidelines set-forth by CDC, our federal and local government and health agencies.  As part of our commitment to a safe and clean environment for our clients and our staff, we wanted to update you on the extra steps we are taking to help protect against the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  

We want to make you aware of safety operating procedures in our kitchen, warehouse and office facility, and on-site at your offices.  We also have optional choices we can provide for your meal service

(i.e.. Individual box/bowl meals, or catering staff to serve) Please contact your account representative and they will support any and all service modifications you would like to make moving forward.

Operating Procedures in our Commercial Kitchen, Warehouse and Office:

  1. All employees & food prepares are required to keep hands and arms clean, and follow cleaning procedures including washing at least 20 seconds with hand cleaner and rinsing under warm running water.
    * When to wash includes: after touching body parts; after using the restroom; after eating or drinking; and before putting on gloves. (Chapter 2-301)*
  2. All employees are required to wear gloves at all time while working in our warehouse area.
  3. At each kitchen workstation, we have commercial grade sanitizers in buckets that are refreshed every 1 hour.
  4. We have increased the number of times in a shift we are disinfecting surfaces that are touched by everyone; including door knobs, handles, light switches, work tables and the like.
  5. All food for delivery is sealed and wrapped

Meal Delivery/Service Procedures for your location:

  1. Garden of Eating delivery employees are required to wear mask & gloves upon arrival to location, while off-loading
  2. Change gloves prior to unwrapping and setting up
  3. Carry sanitizing spray bottles to wipe down area
  4. All Delivery Carts are sanitized after each delivery.

We want to thank you for your ongoing support of Garden of Eating Catering & Events as we navigate through this difficult time.  We are closely monitoring the situation and will follow instructions and recommendations issued by public health authorities or government agencies as needed.  We will keep you updated with any developments. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

“Where no food is forbidden”